It’s not about ideas, it’s about making them happen.

‘As the founder of Kosmonaut, I find myself in a position to do what I like best – product development.  In my business – manufacturing in-store marketing material, displays, frames and large format printing, it’s not rocket science. When thinking up and idea, a lot of old techniques can be applied in a new way to achieve the result. However, it always takes a spark, that instant trigger, that catalyst when I feel compelled to start working on a new project. After all, if you have the skill, you also have the duty’. – Read more about Tomas and his idea behind Kosmonaut.


It doesn’t matter if I’m developing a new technique for dye-sublimation on metal or sketching a new magnet part for a marketing display – the same principle can be applied to all inventions. I believe I’ve managed to turn this spirit into pragmatic, functional practice – Kosmonaut is testing and prototyping all the time.

I didn’t want a company that would be just another generic manufacturer. I wanted a platform that would be devoted to making ideas come to life. A company that would pack Danish creative energy and Polish production potential into one.

Building a supply network made out of printing houses and workshops allows Kosmonaut to produce in high volume, for well-curated commercial spaces and clients that are looking for full service. We have extended experience in production of bespoke in-store marketing displays, lightboxes, stands, frames, large format prints on fabric and many other products – we have been gaining knowledge and resources for several years.

Resources is another key word when it comes to Kosmonaut – there are not many companies that work so close to the source. By being located in Poland, we have access to the best wood, thriving metallurgic industry or glass factories. If we don’t produce something ourselves, tried and tested craftsmen and suppliers are our first point of contact. It involves long-term thinking about business –  is so much easier to communicate with us than a company outside of Europe. I also means we have a full control over our social responsibilities.

We are open to new ventures but we also like exchanging views and experiences – get in touch!



Developers by heart, producers by trade.