It’s not business, it’s personal.

Do you always buy the same brand of a car or a phone? Are you loyal to your supermarket? Pumping the fuel at the same petrol station perhaps?  It is not always about value for money or loyalty points, come on. We like those places, stores or objects, we are somehow connected to them. Yes, they are necessity but we stick to what we like.

People are driven by emotions. Is it any wonder shoppers buy based on how they feel?


Shoppers look for a personal connection when they enter a store. Store employee knowledge, easy store navigation, merchandise availability and presentation are some of the top factors that contribute to how shoppers feel about their shopping and brand experience.

Above all of it, there is THE STORE. What it looks like, what message it sends to clients, how it FEELS. We are all drawn to interesting window displays and enjoy when something is presented in an original way. Lightboxes, stands, wall mounted stands – it all has an impact on the consumer. The brick-and-mortar shop has an enormous influence on strengthening the connection with potential clients – can you imagine Apple without its stores or Selfridges without those amazing window displays?


For a retailer, car dealer, gas station it is not necessarily about producing a larger than life campaign. The personal connection is created at the level of the actual shop and whether it corresponds with client’s needs is obvious very quickly. Positive experience very often leads to repetitive purchases and brand loyalty.






Developers by heart, producers by trade.