We can make this work. A few words about mass customization.

It may sound like a perfect oxymoron, but ‘mass customization’ is becoming a new household name.

According to The Economist mass customization is simply a production process that combines elements of mass production with bespoke tailoring. Products are adapted and adjusted to meet customers’ individual needs.

Mass customization is most obvious in the ‘business to customer’ relation, however it is becoming more and more attractive for ‘business to business’ producers. They have to become much more flexible to cater to demanding, competitive markets, receiving in return fresh, interesting clientele.


As the concept grows and technology becomes accessible, more manufacturers are able to provide to different types of markets and find new ones. When new clients are invited to explore the possibilities of manufacturing products tailored to their needs, it often becomes a chain reaction – one business relies on the other to perform their best. Of course, some producers are only open to create standard products and configure them in a manner to suit certain requirements, however more and more manufacturers are keen to start from scratch with a new concept.

This flexibility is important to us, at Kosmonaut. Despite having our own range of products (that – of course! – can be further customized), we always welcome clients’ own designs and ideas. The clients’ vision matters!



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