Human factor – Scandinavian lesson no. 1

When we say we have a Scandinavian heritage, we mean it. We are not just ‘inspired’ or ‘influenced’ by Nordic approach to life, production and design. Trying to place this emphasis into everything we do and how we work helps us define who we are as a company and how we would like to progress here in Poland.

Scandinavian producers are influenced by everything going on around them. With their tradition of craftsmanship, talent for observation and efficient use of resources, they combine the best of two worlds. Most things are made to be available to everyone and the notion of enjoying the work people do is highly regarded. The idea that beautiful things can enrich people lives is kept alive. Democratic social views mix with collective ideals.wood-architect-table-work

These values are vital for everyone at Kosmonaut. However, the most important concept we would love to transfer to the Polish soil is this: whatever we do, at any given stage, we want to remind the user that the product’s creator is human, regardless whether it is mass-produced or not. In the digital world the maker is often forgotten. The human element is demoted in favour of expediency and functionality.

That is why we work with people we know and like. Establishing valuable relationships with suppliers, long term thinking, trust and company social responsibilities are our prerogative even if sometimes a novelty in Poland. Only this way – by focusing on social relationships and human reliance, our products will be the source of pride not only for us and the end user but for everyone who had the smallest role in creating them.



Developers by heart, producers by trade.