Hanging around concrete art

There are certain things in life that look incomparably better in reality than in pictures. Art is one of them. And when it is art in an unusual form, it’s even harder to describe the appeal through images or words.

concrete (7)

How do we even start to explain how special this ‘slab of concrete’ is? ¬†Completely hand-made, it is created by applying a patented mix of cement onto super-light honeycomb boards. After drying, the coverage remains strong and solid, while elastic enough to create a beautiful, original surface that can be printed on. Printed on! Imagine what an amazing piece of art it may transform into if using the right graphics…

Applying concrete16

Scrapping egdes+painting8

We have all been observing the trend that doesn’t fade: rough concrete walls and coolness of those grey, cement floors. And for good reason: this organic, raw form fits all: interiors of modern and industrial domain and those with more traditional or eclectic charm. There is now a happy medium for those who don’t want to dedicate their living environment to concrete – why not using ‘a slab’ of it with art reproduction and reviving the room by placing a piece of ‘mural’ by the wall?






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