It’s time to show them.

To paraphrase one visionary inventor, a lot of people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. We all know how it works. Indeed, we have written a blog post about the relationship between a brand and a consumer before (It’s not business, it’s personal). The tangible emotional connection the client has with a certain brick-and-mortar public space, shop or gallery is a valuable part in building brand awareness and loyalty.



In-store marketing starts with choosing the right floor, decorating the walls and making shop exploration pleasurable by displaying merchandise in an attractive way.

Then, there are direct messages. TimeToShow4

The advertising banners, attractive displays or eye-catching lightboxes, can be placed anywhere: inside and out, at any event or exhibition. Conventional banner is much cheaper than spending heavily on publicity, yet very effective: whoever sees a message on a display, instantly becomes a potential customer.

Prolonging the purpose of an advert exposure may be difficult to maintain for many advertising media. Using printed banners allows to change the message accordingly to changes within the company. Using a set of frames or profiles with a different print now and again is cost-effective and highly valued by institutions as easy-to-remember instant communication, often seen multiple times.

Full range of printing services with a wide selection of support products are on offer at Kosmonaut. Time to show customers what your brand is about.


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