A new dimension of steel

No matter how many sublimated Rustic Boards we produce, we never get tired of them. This is the case of endless possibilities.



We have written about the process of dye-sublimation before – transferring images onto metal or any given surface (more on it here and here). We are however in constant awe of how our Rustic Boards turn out. This is one product everyone is compelled to touch, to check for bumps and irregularities in the surface. It happens all the time – every guest or client we welcome in our office dives straight in: they are all inclined to run their hands across those metal boards and to check them out closely. There is always a surprise – the boards are perfectly smooth, cool as steel they are made of and not rusted or scratched in the slightest. What you see is purely created by design and hand-handled in the workshop. The imperfections are intentional and the purposefully sublimated stains, rust and grains only add to this beautiful material.

And what you do with it is only limited by your imagination.





So what comes about from joining together our two favourite materials: concrete and sublimated metal? This beauty. More on this project soon.




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