Ageing gracefully

Adding some age , roughness or grime to a very minimalistic interior adds an unexpected touch and engages all the senses. It provides depth and textures to the environment and can be a talking point among visitors.

We all know these trends – exposing bricks on the wall, digging far beneath the carpet to reveal raw concrete floor or constructing a headboard out of salvaged barn door wood.

But adding a bit of roughness to the interior and creating a unique, eye-catching space doesn’t necessarily mean to go mud-larking in rivers, stripping off wood of old houses or digging out the pipes from the walls. Adding just one object that tells an ‘ancient’ story or is valuable to the people living in the space can be equally engaging. You can tell we practise what we preach here at Kosmonaut!





Another option is to choose from a selection of products available on the market that have been digitally, manually or technologically aged. They offer unlimited possibilities creating the whole look of an interior space or adding just a little touch of the classic ageless beauty. We have designed most up-to-date yet beautifully aged range of products anyone could wish for. Here are some examples by Kosmonaut to learn by!












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