Less is more – Scandinavian lesson no. 2

Scandinavian design is probably the most reliable style in the world. Sleek lines, heavy use of natural resources, serene colours attributed to functionality, utility, sustainability and of course, its timeless beauty.

On top of simplicity there is a minimalistic approach. At Kosmonaut we also follow this direction in some of our standard products: the less parts they are made of the better. We take the most essential elements that build the design and reduce them until we come up with a compact, simple and easy to use product. Take our wooden frames and profiles as a perfect example: we are constantly on the lookout to make them even more minimal. Let the art speak for itself.





More often than not, reducing the number of bells and whistles we include in every aspect of our work can help us produce outstanding work. Scandinavian design is a fine example of how minimalism can give way to some of the most elegant design solutions out there.






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