The cover story – patina experiment

We have been fascinated by patinating processes for a long time. We’ve also been educating ourselves pretty intensely: at one point we even employed a chemist who created tailor-made recipes for us to try. How far are we to the end result? Well, it depends.

Patina is obviously a chemical process that happens naturally when metal is left to the elements. Over time, the metal shows age, time and use.

Patina in design world is basically hurrying this process up. It is possible to add acidity and alkalinity to the surface of a metal to create reactions. Each metal reacts in its own way to the different chemicals it comes in contact with.

Various chemical solutions, which react with the surface, will form a thin layer of colour. However, a patina is not analogous to painting or staining the metal because as the chemicals are applied, it actually creates a chemical reaction with the metal. In other words, a patina is technically a layer of corrosion on the metal.

After 6 months of research, hundreds of videos, articles and podcasts related to patinating, we have embarked on trying it in real life. We have found that although the process is very satisfying – the chemical reactions are instant in most cases – we are yet to discover a whole world of knowledge regarding patinating.

Not only we need to develop the quality primer, and possibly layers of protection so our metals hold the patina. We also need to figure out how to protect the end result to keep it intact. Another thing is  controlling patina and receiving that specific, captivating look. Only few designs will pass the harsh Kosmonaut design test 🙂


Because you need to allow metal to shine through. Each metal has its own reflective quality and a very specific glow. The reflection and colour changes as you move. It bounces the light and reflects the colour differently on different patches. This is why patina is one of the most interesting development experiments we have tried to date! We hope to use our skills in producing some fantastic pieces. We will keep you posted about our progress 🙂


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